Step 2: Time to get started


Around of Blue Rupee:

1 to 2 bombs

Around of Red Rupee:

3 to 4 bombs

Around of Green Rupee:

no bombs! that means RUPEES :D *my favorite*

Around of Silver Rupee:

5 to 6 bombs

Around of Gold Rupee:

7 to 8 bombs.

A Rupoor counts as a bomb! (See Picture 1 below)

At Beginner there are 4 Bombs

At Intermediate there are 4 Bombs 4 Rupoors

At Expert there are 8 Bombs and 8 Rupoors

Now as we do know this facts we can make some easy conclusions like:


There can never be a Silver Rupee in the 4 corners and no Gold Rupee between.


If you dig up a Blue Rupee in Expert mode then there is a good chance to find other rupees due to fact that there must be 6 to 7 rupees around!(See Picture 2)


If you play in Beginner mode for example and you find a Red Rupee somewhere in the middle. Then considering the fact that there are 4 bombs total in whole filed then in 16-9=*counting*7 fields there is just a single bomb or even none maybe!(See Picture 3)

Picture 1:__________________________________________________

Picture 2:__________________________________________________

Picture 3:__________________________________________________




First Steps

Step 1: How to start/Reset


First of all you have to click on one of the available difficulties( Beginner, Intermediate, Prefessional(typing error))

Then click one of fields and then the Colour of Rupee that belongs to this field


If you want to reset game, because maybe you’ve found all rupees and wanna start a new game*HAAYYAA*, then press:

the Reset botton first

then a difficulty

Then be not irritated with the old game shown above. Just click field you have digged up and the colour of rupee and the game will delete other values.


Please see this image:





If this program really helps I, of course, will change images like maybe these:



and a background image of course but first just know that:

-100 symbolizes the Blue Rupee

-300 symbolizes the Red Rupee

-500 symbolizes the Silver Rupee

-700 symbolizes the Gold Rupee

-800 symbolizes the Green Rupee

-900 symbolizes the Rupoor

and at last: (IMPORTANT):

-1000 means that it impossible to find a bomb there!

Any other positive number tells the Possibility to find a Bomb in this Field. (100 means for example; that this Field contains 100% a bomb/Rupoor


We wanted to make a program that helps you in thrill digger just like Fi does in the game. But to ask for single fields was too time-consuming so we have put a GUI on it with QT (see image).

Neither the exact probability nor a winning is guaranteed! It is just an assistance/ help program. Although at beginner(there it works best), we have found all rupees many times, because It really calculates as we thought would be right ^^.

If you think our calculations are illogical or have a good idea please contact and maybe we will try to patch!

If you have any questions we will be glad to answer. Thanks for support.